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Each month the Glen Park Gospel Church produce a one page newsletter called the Green Leaf. It's available from the chapel each Sunday. Anything that may be of mild interest will be published here.


Losing the Weekly Offering

When the Treasurer is away my wife is responsible to provide safe custody of the offerings until she can hand them over. One Sunday in 2014 this was the case, except this time she lost the envelope at the Greensborough Plaza.

Therefore we made it a matter for prayer. There was a particular reason for this. Many years ago, before we met, she lost her weeks wages. It was a big loss because she was responsible to provide the house payment of the family home and did not have anything much in reserve. So she made it a matter of definite prayer.

Next morning she took the same route to work that she had taken on the way home the night before. When her bus pulled into the Box Hill railway station she could see a brown envelope lying on the ground at the bus stop near the entrance to the station pedestrian subway with workers streaming past to catch their train. She could not get out of the bus fast enough. Picking it up, sure enough, there on the envelope was her name. It was intact. It had not been opened. The money, in cash, was all there. It had lain on the footpath in a very busy location all night and into the next morning with hundreds, if not thousands of people streaming past. What an answer to prayer for her. The Lord had blinded these people to a rich find lying at their feet. In 2 Kings there is the story of the Lord doing that to an whole army in answer to Elisha's prayer.

The sequel is in keeping with that prayer. We traced our movements at the centre and drew blanks to our enquiries until we came to the K-mart enquiry desk. It was there waiting for us to accurately describe the envelope. As before the envelope was unopened and the money intact.

Jesus made us this promise, "I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Can you believe it?


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