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Each month the Glen Park Gospel Church produce a one page newsletter called the Green Leaf. It's available from the chapel each Sunday. Anything that may be of mild interest will be published here.


Good Friday in the Park - a pictorial report

It is always a nervous wait. Will Friday be wet, making Easter celebrations impossible in the open air? But this year it was a gloriously warm and pleasant day. It invited the people to come, and they did.

Our Good Friday banner

Some were old friends who come every year, and some were fresh faces - new friends. There were about 50 adults who gathered to hear Andrew Torney and about fifty children clustered around the activity tables of Ben Howe and his helpers. The children took home a 'show bag' of gospel material to share with mum and dad.

Our Good Friday banner

People sat in circlets of family and friends. It was hard to get an accurate count as some came and went during the activities. Passers-by on the exercise trail stopped to discuss the activity and its meaning and were invited in.

Our Good Friday banner


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